What is 7D Experience

Just see, it’s 7D!

Feel the raindrops falling on your head, have your hair ruffled by a gust of wind, catch the whiff of a jungle trail or be caught in a snowfall ‘ all from your plex seat.

The “country’s first 7D entertainment zone” has come to Calcutta for movie-goers to see, smell, feel and even touch the animated action on screen of short films specially made for the seven-in-one experience.

The Planet 7D experience includes motion ‘ where the seats tilt and vibrate ‘ and a host of effects like rain, bubbles, snow and scent, all dictated by the content of the film being screened.

In the 7D zone, the viewer is in the thick of things ‘ ducking under a low-flying helicopter to escaping a dinosaur’s gaping mouth, feeling flies buzzing around to spiders crawling up the leg (courtesy a tickler under the chair). And then there’s the roller-coaster ride with the plex seat swinging and the heartbeat racing.